Monday, March 28, 2011

Where I have been and what I've done

I came out here and realized that I have severely neglected this poor blog. Sometimes I think I should just keep these posts short and spare my friends the horrendous walls of text. Which I may do in the future, but I can't today. So let's begin.

First, on the Real Life side of the computer I have taken a new job. I am now working with an old friend of mine at a company that sales/refurbs point of sale devices. I have been at the job for 3 weeks and I am completely ingrained into the web development of the company. I like the smaller team size and I see this as an opportunity to be more of an "impact player" in my area of expertise. Unfortunately, my timing of starting landed me right in the midst of releasing an ordering system that required me to work extra hours outside the normal business hours. So this last weekend I spent 20+ hours at the office testing and putting the finishing touches on the "MYPOS" system (where POS does not stand for what I would like to call "Piece of SH#$"). Haha, I laugh every time I see that.

Unfortunately, all that extra time had cut into my latest endeavor of gearing my warlock. Warlock? You're probably asking what is all this talk about a warlock? Well, I have taken a turn in the game. I have shelved the druid and decided that I would work on making my warlock my main. Though I am behind the gear curve with the guild on this guy, I have made some serious gains over the past 2 weeks. My lock is now at a hit rating of 16.73% (I still need another stinking .27% for that cap of 17%). I can hit it by swapping out a gem for the +hit gem or crafting the cloth belt. However, getting hit capped is just once step towards raiding with the guys. I don't want to step right in and start raiding at my hit capped carrying an item level of 339 when everyone else is 350+. So that begs me to wonder, what is a good item level to start raiding with? I have no idea, so I have thrown that question out to my friends and guild. If you have any suggestions, check out my toon Uthben on Kel'Thuzad and let me know.

I'll probably go back and play around with the druid and run some heroics on her, but as for raiding, I am sticking with my lock.

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  1. Gear seems fine to me, though I do have pretty limited raid experience this expansion. I wouldn't worry about the ilevel as much as your dps, if your dps is good enough go for it.