Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Superbowl Glories and Then Not Some so Super moments

Short update on WoW, because I was too busy with other things to play the game. I'm tired of logging in and finding my options of running an instance are delegated to using the LFD tool. I'm starting to think this is short for "Looking for Dummies". It's really tiring to zone in with a PUG instance group only to have them blame one wipe on the "OMG noobz tank!!!" or the other "WTH are you going back there healer?" I don't want to give up playing my druid and opt out for the lock, but on the other hand, I don't come home to unwind to this shit. Needless to say, my gear is still lacking and the guild posted on the forums today that they want to start raiding in 2 weeks. Damn, I better buckle down and bite my tongue on the PUGs.

In case you don't care about the NFL or live where it doesn't matter, then you can ignore the rest of this post. Go away and find another blog to read for the rest of the day.

Now for those of you who are interested, then Sunday night my beloved Green Bay Packers won their 4th Superbowl and 13th NFL Championship. Yes, those of us who are loyal fans still count what happened before the induction of the Superbowl 45 years ago. The game was great and both teams played like they wanted to win. I can't blame them because both had to overcome some rough spots throughout the season. The Steelers had to start the first 4 games without their franchise QB and the Packers had 17 players on the Injured Reserve (not to mention losing Woodson - broken collar bone, Driver - Hamstring, and Shields - not sure during the Superbowl itself). In the end it came down to the 3 turnovers by the Steelers being too much to come back from.

I had big plans for the weekend. Big Superbowl party at a friend's house with my famous homemade teriyaki wings, spinach/artichoke mini bread bowls, and a cheese/sausage platter. But when my 7 year old started throwing up his breakfast on Saturday morning, I had a feeling I would be watching the game from home. Sure enough, the next day my wife fell ill with it leaving me to eat the wings all by myself. I know I was crazy to eat all that food by myself knowing full well that I had the stomach bug heading my way. But the hell, the PACKER ARE IN THE SUPERBOWL!!! And if I die from this bug, then at least I will have had a proper send off.

Anway, my body managed to hold off till mid Monday. Though, that's was not how I wanted to spend my day off.

So as I sit here during lunch at work typing this up, I'm hoping I got enough resolve to make it through the last half of the day.

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  1. Glad to see you have a new blog going, I was wondering if you had stopped playing wow. BTW Green Bay is my favourite team as well and i'm so glad they won and i am also releived to see Aron Rogers succeed, we should see more great things for him in the coming year, Green Bay should now focus a little harder on the running game and develop some good receivers.